Tactical Paintball Gear – Necessary Protective Gears for You

One major concern while playing paintball is the safety and security of the players. This type of extreme sport can be a source of injury or skin irritation if players do not have the necessary protective gear to use while they engage themselves in the fast-paced combat.  So, what are the necessary gear and accessories to protect your body? Below is the list for you:


The head and face are important to be protected when you play this sport. Some of the necessary headgears you need to get include head wraps, goggles, mask, knit caps and baseball caps. Veils and ghillie hoods are also used to camouflage the head of the player.  Some players make use of head wraps and knit caps to protect their hair from paintball splashes as well.  Baseball caps are ideal to use if you want to protect the neck if they are worn backwards.


Do not forget to protect your eyes with goggles. This is an important paintball gear. Remember to select a pair of goggles that is fit and comfortable to use. Bear in mind that you don’t have the chance to take your goggles off while you are in combat. Make sure that your goggles meet or exceed ASTM standards.


Vests are also available for players to wear but they are not necessary for them to play the game. However, vests are good to have if you play scenario paintball games, where a player needs to carry a pistol, a grenade or a tube with extra paintball in it.


There are a lot of gloves to choose from for players. There are gloves which have full finger, fingerless or half finger. A player who wants full protection for his fingers should wear full finger gloves. However, when you use fingerless gloves, you can have more control for rapid fire when you use paintball guns.


Players also wear different types of footwear that protect their feet. When you get footwear, take into consideration your ankles. When you wear high tops or boots, your ankles will not receive nasty welts from impact.

Now that you know these basic protective gear for you to play paintball, get them today and have fun with this extreme sport.

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